2007 Moved to Davenport, Iowa. We are now properly zoned for a commerical business!

2006 On display at Oshkosh again! It is a good vacation.

2005 Another new engine.

April 2004 Designing new drive and engine mounts.

January-March 2004 Purchased new drive engine and new spoked rear wheels.

2003 Searching for an engine.

December 2002 - Did a total rewrite on the web site while depressed. Still looking for a new, 30 to 40 pound, drive engine. Doing research.

November 2002 - Back to the drawing board. I need to replace the drive engine and probably replace the drive train and rear wheels. Looking for a light weight, high horse power and low cost drive engine. A winning lottery ticket would be good.

October 2002 - Received the water craft title and license! Denied the ability to register the AWL and get a license for the street.

September 2002 - Working on the inflatable flotation. Filed for a water craft title and license.

August 2002 - Oshkosh was good! We were on display and flew several times. We were the only powered parachute driving and flying! After we returned from Oshkosh the local News Channel 6 did a story for the Made in the QCA News segment. Thanks to KWQC News Channel 6 they did a fine job! http://www.kwqc.com/. Paperwork came back from the Illinois Sectary of State because a form was the wrong revision. So we are filing again for the Title and License.

July 2002 - Getting ready for Oshkosh. Paperwork is mailed and we are praying for a title and license plate!

June 2002 - Made first flight. An avi video file is available just click the link below. Put the AWL on display at the Quad City Air Show. Replaced the 1" handle bars with new 7/8" for easier supply of parts. Replace the hand brakes, throttle and grip. Got all the paperwork ready to file for a title and license. Had some difficulty getting a flying motorcycle appraised. Thanks to Brenny's Cycle Works in Silvis IL.

The 14 second avi of the first flight in the AWL.

Special update as of June 5 2002 - Mounted and connected the throttle and choke. Synchronized the carburetors. Broke in the Rotax. Did a test taxi on June 2, 2002. Attached the parachute June 5. Completed preflight testing. Completed the ground test runs and flew the AWL at Erie Airpark!!!!

May 2002 - Finished all the wiring. Rechecked the balance and weight. Moved the drive universal joint to the right side. Suspended the AWL in the hanger and set the CG. Had the new fender mounts coated. Put it on display at the Erie Airpark Show and Shine. Waiting on a back ordered throttle quadrant kit. Almost ready to fly!

April 2002 - Almost finished the wiring. Got the head light, tail lights, brake lights, turn signals, horn, gas gauge, ignition switch and starter all wired and working for the motorcycle part. Most of the wiring for the Rotax engine is complete. I had to order extension wires for the EGT and CHT gauge. Ordered and received new fenders for the larger rear tires.

March 2002 - Installed larger rear tires and completed a test drive. Had the exhaust coated. Customized the trailer. I made more room for the AWL in my shop by taking my powered parachute to the Erie Airpark. Check it out http://www.erieairpark.com Thanks Jim you have a GREAT place!!!

February 2002 - Designed a portable, innovative, compact, flotation as easy to store as a parachute. Radically new and needs testing.

January 2002 - Purchased a trailer. Looking for a larger workspace or storage.

December 2001 - Off for the Holidays. Purchased larger rear tires.

November 2001 - Off for the Holidays.

October 2001 - Finished the design for the suspension to make adjustable ground clearance. Looking to find a suitable high quality wiring harness.

September 2001 - Welded the exhaust and installed the carburetors.

August 2001 - Connected safety cables. Started a redesign for the suspension.

Week of July 30, 2001 - We came back from Oshkosh on Monday. Ordered larger diameter safety cable. Ordered an exhaust mounting kit for the Rotax muffler. Taking the week off from the AWL.

Week of July 23, 2001 - In Oshkosh finishing some work. Got the AWL ready to drive but not ready to fly. Drove it around some and from the campground to the ultralight area!

Week of July 16, 2001 - Received the parachute. Reassembled the airframe. Used some standard hardware. We'll replace standard hardware with aircraft hardware when we get to Oshkosh. Took the AWL apart in the basement and reassembled in the hanger.

Week of July 9, 2001 - Counting down the days. Took apart the airframe ordered hardware and sent the frame out to be powder coated. Took 2 days vacation. Machining some 6061 T6 saddles. Finalized the prop guard and building it. Mounting the Rotax engine and controls. Working on electrical stuff. No time to take pictures.

Week of July 2, 2001 - Ordered new steering parts. Ordered instruments and a swaging tool with cable and sleeves. Received the Rotax engine. I did a MAJOR revision in the airframe. It was due to a mistake in the engine muffler ordered. Worked out better than the model. Working every hour I can. Finished constructing the airframe except the prop guard! Estimated the CG. Ordered the parachute!

Week of June 25, 2001 - Constructed part of the wing attachment. Constructed the aircraft engine mount and support. Reassembling the motorcycle. Ordered a Rotax 503, duel carburetor, electric start, oil injected with battery, IVO prop, ignition switch, regulator, primer kit, throttle cable, and throttle. Redesigned part of the steering.

Week of June 11, 2001 - Researched, designed and constructed the full size model aircraft. Did weight calculations. Researched suppliers. Purchased switches for headlight, brakes and ignition. Ordered shocks, brake cables and throttle cable.

Week of June 4, 2001 - Disassembled entire AWL. Measured, cataloged and ordered all AN hardware (nuts and bolts). Painted the bearing brackets and the chassis. Had the aluminum parts powder coated. Working on design and research work for the in-flight engine mounting and wing attachment.

Week of May 28, 2001 - Rechecked the fuel cell, seat and console placement. Mounted the chassis a-frame braces. Rechecked the rear axle placement. Welded the rear axle bearing brackets in place on the chassis. Mounted the rear a-frame axle bearing brackets. Cut the rear axles to length. Fabricated the brake caliper bracket. Installed the caliper, axles, rear bearings, u-joint, sprocket, brake disk, hubs and wheels. Fabricated the drive engine mounting plate. Mounted the drive engine and cut the drive chain to length. Mounted the fuel cell, seat, seat belt and console. Constructed the drive steering columns and handlebars. Worked on the design for the in-flight steering. Finalized the in-flight steering design.

Week of May 21, 2001 - Constructed the rear A-frames. Took the holiday weekend off.

Week of May 14, 2001 - Finished the chassis. Constructed the drive motor mount and welded it onto the chassis.

Week of May 7, 2001 - Cut the front gooseneck and welded it to the chassis. Received back ordered ball joints.

Week of April 30, 2001 - Cut the steel chassis pieces and had them welded.

Week of April 9, 2001 - Took a few weeks off for the wife. Getting ready to build the AWL.

Week of April 2, 2001 - Constructed the steering and handlebars.

Week of March 26, 2001 - Developed several different means of steering. Finalized the type of steering linkage to use. Ordered Seat belt, fuel cells fill with cap and ball joints for the steering.

Week of March 19, 2001 - Changed the angle and rebuilt the front gooseneck.

Week of March 12, 2001 - Built the front gooseneck and connected the forks.

Week of March 5, 2001 - Connected main frame to rear A-frames. Resized the rear axles.

Week of February 26, 2001 - Constructing model main frame. Checking placement of fuel cell, seat and console.

Week of February 19, 2001 - Finishing work on the rear end.

Week of February 12, 2001 - Constructed the model rear a-frames. Sent the front fork and fender out to be powder coated. Note the AWL is undergoing a morphing process. Some parts like the front fork are being constructed as actual production parts. More will follow after successful modeling.

Week of February 5, 2001 - Design work.

Week of January 29, 2001 - Installed the rear disk brake and checked the mounting and alignment of the caliper.

Week of January 22, 2001 - Mounted the engine, rear axle and universal joint. Aligned the drive and redesigned the engine mount. Welded the front forks.

Week of January 15, 2001 - Cut out front forks and redesigned the connection to the chassis.

Week of January 8, 2001 - Started construction of full scale size model. Tested chassis length and placement of seat, fuel cell and console.